Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Home Incredibly Dirty Home

Our last few days have been busy with moving a 70 something year old man out of the house we bought from him.
After waiting a week past the time he was supposed to be out, we finally went to him and offered a trailer, and man power. And last evening when I showed up with supper and realized how slowly the process was going because of his inability to pack boxes quickly, I offered to help him pack.
This has been stretching for me.
I've spent the last six months planning and processing and preparing for the work that goes into taking a never-cleaned-in-ten-years house, and creating a clean and pretty home out of it. It's been an exciting time for me, full of Pinterest board ideals, and journal list reality.
And then to be pushed off, and off, even by a few days at a time, has been good for my Christianity
Today Josh and Brad took the day off and the three of us moved an incredible mountain of boxes (of seemingly trash), to a storage unit. I am convinced that the only reason we were able to accomplish so much today was because of friends and family praying for us. God is faithful.
I found three dead mice and layers upon layers of mouse poop. I found tin cans. I found gospel CDs of music, I found filthy movies, I found koolaid and I found squash. It was amazing. Mostly though, I think I found a lonely old man who needs Jesus. Pray for Mr.G.
Tomorrow morning Josh and Brad are planning to take part of the day off and help him finish moving out of the house. I plan to go in, in the afternoon, and begin the colossal chore of cleaning the bathroom. 
Also tomorrow Anne Hazel turns one year old. I'm amazed. How can this be? But I'm happy too. Life moves forward at a cheerful rate for us right now.
My mom and sister are coming by Thursday afternoon to help begin painting. I'm so excited to have them helping with this project!
  Hoping to post pictures of our new home sometime in the near future.
God bless! - Mrs. Cross

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  1. LOL...I like how you underlined...Cross!! I really hope you took 'before' pictures. Its amazing what we can forget! Also, I was surprised that your little girl is a year already...but life keeps marching on!! :-)